Pittsburgh Adjustable Brace Company Inc.

At the 1998 Ohio State Fair, someone asked us how long it took to use. They timed it. Twelve Seconds!

We recommend: Using a cordless driver drill, attach the tool to a 2x4 or 2x2 using one or two quick-driving deck or drywall screws. Caution! These types of screws are brittle and must be backed up with real steel screws of the proper strength!

Now add as many real steel screws of the proper strength as needed for the job. This takes about thirty seconds per side with a cordless driver drill!

Put a short piece of wood (8 to 12 inches) on the other end of the tool. This way both ends of the resulting adjustable brace can be attached to stud-walls, posts, floors or whatever in about ten seconds using a pneumatic nail-gun.

An entire brace can be made and attached to a wall in less than one minute!